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Insurance Information

At Pete King Commercial we are extremely proud of the excellent Medical and Dental insurance we offer our employees!  We are committed to providing the best coverage possible to our team members at a price they can afford, and also offer a Section 125 premium plan which gives them significant tax savings.  Pete King Commercial provides Medical coverage through Aetna Insurance, and we pay for more than 75% of the employee’s total premium cost.  We have both Family and Individual plans available, with plans that start at only $70.00 per month for individual coverage. Please contact Human Resources at (702) 657-1102 for more information.

Overtime Policy

Pete King Commercial always pays overtime to our employees when they work it.  With that said, it is the policy of our company that no employee is to work overtime without the knowledge and prior approval of his/her foreman, superintendent or management. Overtime is defined as all hours worked over 40 hours during a pay period, Friday through Thursday.

Accurate hours worked are recorded electronically by employees using their individual PIN to Clock In and Clock Out.  While our policy has been established to stop unauthorized overtime, it does not mean that the company will not pay employees for all overtime worked.

Employees can review a copy of our Employee Handbook which details our overtime policy by clicking on the button above.