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Pete King started out in the 1940’s in Phoenix, AZ as a painting contractor with a strong foundation of hard work, integrity and loyalty. From the beginning, Pete and his son Jerry King were committed to providing a place of work that valued each and every employee. This created a strong core for our company to build around for the past three generations. Pete King grew from a small painting contractor to become one of the largest drywall, paint and steel framing contractors in the southwest with a reputation for attracting the very best people with a commitment to producing a high quality finished product.

This commitment allowed Pete King to expand from its roots in the greater Phoenix area to the Nevada market in 1989. Our Nevada operation began with the commencement of Del Webb’s Sun City project in Las Vegas and as the city expanded so did the company. Throughout most of the ‘90’s our focus was residential construction, then in 2002 Pete King Nevada Corporation was formed to take on commercial construction projects throughout Nevada.

In 2007 Pete King Commercial was formed to focus solely on commercial steel framing, drywall and paint projects in Nevada. These included a variety of often challenging and high profile projects such as hospitals, schools, convention centers, and government buildings. We worked through the tough economic environment that began with the collapse of the housing market in 2007 with a desire to grow in spite of the challenges of a slow and difficult marketplace.

In 2012 Pete King Commercial expanded into the state of Utah and has since become a significant part of the Utah commercial construction landscape. We have since completed projects throughout the state including hospitals, student housing, university buildings, apartments, government work and the new Salt Lake City International airport.

We at Pete King Commercial believe our focused efforts will continue to provide many exciting opportunities throughout Utah and Nevada. We look forward to the possibilities that the future has in store for us. We hope that whether you are considering partnering with us on your next project or as a great place to work and grow, you will consider our commitment to long-term relationships and our decades long proven record of success.

“Work, that’s the language Jerry King spoke, and he spoke with everyone. He didn’t play golf, collect stamps or have hobbies or interests other than people. And he worked with them and for them; people were his only real passion.“

Bruce King

“My memory of their [Pete and Jerry’s] business is that it grew out of nothing but hard work - hard work and a lot of guts, a lot of chances with Jerry steering them through.”

Russ Shedd

"He had been honest with his creditors and always told them the truth good or bad. In turn, he had earned their respect...Jerry was a man of integrity.”

Wes Wagner

Keeping our people safe is our biggest priority and we have a .47 EMR to prove it!


Safety is a top priority at our company. We will never sacrifice safety for profitability or efficiency. We consider our employees to be a valuable asset that we appreciate and want to protect as much as you would your own family members. We take pride in our safety record and work hard at every level to foster a safety culture in all that we do.


Our people are family, and we believe it is both our duty and our privilege to keep them safe.  It is the policy of Pete King Commercial that the first consideration in the performance of work will be the safety of employees.  All reasonable methods, procedures and equipment necessary to achieve this will be used.  The Nevada and Utah offices both employ full-time Safety Directors who are OSHA Outreach Trainers and are Certified to teach 10 hour and 30 hour courses and are updated on current Safety regulations..  They are responsible for inspecting job sites to verify employee compliance with OSHA, State and jobsite regulations.  They also insure company policies and procedures are being followed.


All of our new employees are provided thorough Safety training.  This includes hands-on Aerial lift training, forklift training and videos in both English and Spanish on the topics of our trades and all OSHA requirements. We have a comprehensive Safety program which is available to all of our people, and we are dedicated to providing the necessary education and training to our employees so they can be “accident-free” at the end of each day.

Safety Program


At Pete King, we put our money where our mouth is.  Each week our employees are given an opportunity to earn a reward for their efforts in the area of Safety.  The names of all employees who have completed the prior week without injury or Safety violation are put into a random lottery.  We cut a check for $150.00 to one employee in each of our offices whose name is pulled at the end of the week. Safety pays at Pete King.

Our Company

Strong and Proven

We have Unlimited contractor’s licenses in both Nevada and Utah, and also have the ability to bond projects of all sizes from the smallest TI to multi-million dollar airports. We had and average of 235 employees in 2016 and 331 in 2017.


We aren’t a jack of all trades, what we do, we do right.  We have earned a solid reputation as a premier metal framing, drywall and paint subcontractor in Utah and Nevada because our customers know that they can rely on us.  We have proven performance at any level necessary to complete a project on time and with the quality expected in today’s sophisticated market.  Our customers know that we employ an experienced, well trained and safe workforce that they can trust.


We have completed numerous LEED Certified projects and are familiar with the strategies and practices that contribute to their success.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Pete King Commercial does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin. We act affirmatively to ensure equality of opportunity in all aspects of employment. Please see our Employee Handbook for Pete King Commercial’s full policy on Equal Employment.